Agro Customer Strategy : ACS

For more than five decades, the agricultural-industrial business group known as Betagro has consistently advanced its operations, placing a strong emphasis on aligning with global quality standards. This strategic focus has positioned them as a frontrunner in the production and provision of comprehensive animal-related products and services, both domestically and internationally.

By leveraging their expertise, business acumen, and modern management tools, Betagro effectively incorporates these assets into their work, transforming knowledge into a valuable resource. This not only benefits their own business but also allows them to share and exchange their acquired insights and practices, providing continuous guidance to customers, partners, and society at large. They proudly fulfill their role as a caring and enriching companion.

In accordance with Betagro business trajectory as previously mentioned, this serves as the impetus for establishing a dedicated entity responsible for successfully carrying out this mission. Among these entities is

Agro Customer Strategy (ACS)

which is responsible for managing organizational customers, aims to achieve the following:

  1. Providing customer service with understanding and easy accessibility.
  2. Delivering services that meet customer needs.
  3. Establishing sustainable partnerships with customers.

The service menu of ACS consists of eight categories of knowledge, which include

Human resources management and development, such as organizational structure development, skill enhancement, and team building.
Engineering, including inspection and layout optimization to meet standards, wastewater treatment system management, and air ventilation systems.
Accounting and finance, involving investment analysis and evaluation, livestock business tax planning, and cost accounting system implementation.
Sales and marketing, encompassing market surveys and marketing and sales planning.
Production enhancement, focusing on problem analysis and root cause identification, implementing the 5S methodology to improve productivity and quality, and utilizing visual control for monitoring.
Information technology, covering information system management and data visualization using Power BI.
Quality assurance, addressing GMP HACCP standard systems and techniques for raw material quality inspection in animal food production.
Management and operations, including business planning and management, store operation development, and inventory management. The "ACS Ready" team provides comprehensive consulting services through a service menu that covers all aspects of the animal agriculture supply chain, ensuring efficient and sustainable growth for customers and partners.

Technical Service Team (TST) Service Solution

For more than five decades of conducting business, the agricultural-industrial business group known as Betagro has consistently developed its operations with a focus on aligning practices with international quality standards. This has allowed them to emerge as a leader in the production and service of animal products, catering to the comprehensive needs of the livestock industry both domestically and internationally. Leveraging their expertise, business experience, and adoption of modern management tools, they have incorporated valuable knowledge into their operations, enabling them to provide continuous consultation and support to customers, partners, and relevant stakeholders, embodying the role of caring and dedicated companions.

In accordance with Betagro business direction, the establishment of the Technical Service Team (TST) was conceived to ensure the successful and sustainable fulfillment of their objectives. This specialized department offers academic services in animal husbandry (poultry, ruminants, and swine) as well as aquaculture, staffed by a competent and experienced team consisting of veterinarians, animal healthcare professionals, and aquaculture experts. Collectively, they serve as an agro total solution provider, delivering integrated customer services. These services encompass:

1. Consultation on animal health and safety for livestock consumption

including monitoring animal health, managing veterinary drugs, vaccines, and medical supplies, controlling animal diseases, and safeguarding the quality of animal products against contamination, hazardous substances, and adulteration.

2. Consultation on livestock management to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs on farms

involving data analysis, production planning, comprehensive livestock management, evaporative cooling system management, standard farm management and quality control, ensuring product quality from animals, and managing animal feed and water. They also provide academic training and seminars.

3. Consultation on biosecurity measures for disease prevention and control

encompassing farm layout and biosecurity system management, public health management, sanitation and disease control, animal vector control, and internal biosecurity system management within farms.