Betagro Public Company Limited

Betagro Group was founded in 1967 as Betagro Company Limited, with an initial registered capital of 10 million baht. Its primary focus was on the production and distribution of animal feed. The company’s first factory was established in the Phra Pradaeng District of Samut Prakan Province. The initial headquarters were located in Suan Mali Sub-district, Pomprab District. Over time, the company expanded its operations by constructing additional facilities. The first production base was built in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which included a chicken farm, a swine farm, a feed factory, and a hatchery. The expansion continued with the establishment of a complete agro-industrial business base in Lop Buri Province, chosen for its favorable raw material sources and location. This base encompasses animal feed factories, chicken farms, pig farms, hatcheries, fresh chicken meat processing plants, and frozen chicken meat facilities.

In addition to the production of frozen cooked food products, Betagro Company Limited also established several affiliated companies. These companies engage in various activities, including manufacturing, breeding, and the development of animal breeds such as swine, broiler, and laying hens. The establishment of parent breeder farms, the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals for animals according to international standards, and cooperation with farmers in programs such as broiler and laying hen price insurance and project fattening pigs are among their endeavors. Betagro Company Limited also engages in the production and distribution of fattening pigs, fresh chicken meat, eggs, and food products for both domestic and export markets.

Over the years, the Betagro Group has grown to become the leading conglomerate in Thailand’s integrated agro-industry and food sectors. Its commitment to producing high-quality food products has contributed to improving the quality of life for Thai people and individuals worldwide. With total sales exceeding 22 billion baht, the group consists of more than 25 affiliates and employs over 15,000 personnel throughout domestic and international regions. Since April 22, 1996, the group’s head office has been located at Betagro Tower within the North Park Project on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, following its relocation from the Suan Mali Office.


Betagro group has established branch companies in various provinces across the country to serve as production and distribution bases for its products. These include livestock feed production and distribution, pig and poultry farming, price insurance projects for meat and eggs, pig rearing contracts, as well as the production and distribution of pork, chicken meat, eggs, and other food products. These initiatives aim to promote nationwide consumption of high-quality, fresh, clean, and modern products, while creating local employment opportunities and generating income in the region

Betagro Public Company Limited Animal Feed Business 

Betagro Public Company Limited (BTG) is the first company in the Betagro group, established in the year 1967. Originally named Betagro Company Limited, it later changed its name to Betagro Animal Feed Company Limited in the year 1989. Its main responsibility is to produce animal feed to support the business operations of the Betagro group and distribute animal feed for trading to general customers. In the year 1997, it changed its name to Betagro Agro Group Company Limited (BTG) but due to the economic situation in the year 1997 and an outbreak of avian influenza in early 2004, the company postponed its listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and changed its name to Betagro Public Company Limited in the year 2007 The company’s animal feed factories are located in various locations as follows:

  • Betagro Feed Factory, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province
  • Betagro Feed Factory, Muang Nakhon Pathom District, Nakhon Pathom Province
  • Betagro Feed Factory, Phatthana Nikhom District, Lopburi Province
  • Betagro Feed Factory, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
  • Betagro Feed Factory, Nong Bun Mak District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

and there are 2 other companies in animal feed business , locate in the northern and southern regions

  • Betagro Feed Factory, Muang Lamphun District, Lamphun Province, produces food and distributes it to customers in the upper northern region.
  • Betagro Feed Factory, Rattaphum District, Songkhla Province, produces food and distributes to all customers in the southern region.

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