Betagro Quality Management System

The management standards focused on quality and food safety emphasize rigorous monitoring and control in accordance with international food safety standards. These standards are strictly enforced and can be verified 24/7, ensuring the integrity of Betahro's food supply chain, guaranteeing that every step adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety across all five essential components.

Food Safety

Being a crucial aspect of food production, the food products of Betagro Corporation undergo meticulous scrutiny at every stage to ensure their safety from chemicals, residues, contaminants, harmful bacteria, and other potential health hazards that could pose risks to consumers.

Food Quality

Betagro is dedicated to producing high-quality food for customers, which is the result of relentless effort, rigorous research, and development by a team of experts. This ensures that Betagro’s products and services precisely meet the needs of customers.

Animal Welfare

Betagro has a policy to support and promote animal welfare by initiating various projects aimed at raising standards of animal rearing and ethical practices throughout the production process.

Service Excellence

Building a strong relationship with customers is a crucial component in business strategy. The relationship between Betagro and its customers goes beyond being mere “seller-buyer” and becomes a “partnership” where Betagro aims to consistently offer the best products and services for an improved quality of life.

Furthermore, Betagro remains steadfast in its principles

of ethical business conduct and continues to develop new capabilities

to keep up with market changes, ensuring its continuous leadership in

the global food production industry.

Assured Betagro Swine Production (ABSP)

Used to manage and ensure the quality of the pork production process meets the standards in the swine production line, including breeding farms, Batabonkru farms, and contracted swine farms.

The focus is on farm management for disease prevention, animal welfare, and food safety in the consumption of pork, in accordance with the aforementioned standards. These standards can be compared to international standards for swine farm management and comply with the regulations and requirements of both the Department of Livestock Development and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Additionally, consideration is given to customer preferences and demands in order to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers, while also promoting a high quality of life for consumers.

Assured Betagro Chicken Production (ABCP)

It is a process control aimed at managing the quality in terms of food safety, poultry welfare, and environmental aspects to ensure consistent standards throughout the production system, starting from the parent stock farms, chicken hatcheries, egg farms, broiler farms, catching and transportation of chickens, and processing plants, in accordance with the regulations of government agencies and trading partners, as well as customer requirements, in order to meet the demands for chicken products from Betagro Group both domestically and internationally.

Betagro e -Traceability

The first application in the animal husbandry and food industry in Thailand, which is considered a milestone, involved the development and implementation of software for full-scale backward traceability. It was initially installed and utilized in the complete chicken production cycle starting from the parent stock farms to the cooked food processing plants, as well as other related production processes, in the year 2003. The backward traceability system was then expanded and applied to the pig industry in the year 2006, enabling accurate and efficient traceability of product origins at every stage, from parent stock farms and breeder farms to pork processing plants, animal feed factories, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement factories for animals. Additionally, the backward traceability system was further applied to the food industry in the year 2011, and tools and a website were developed to allow international customers to conduct backward traceability checks at Moreover, in the year 2012, Betagro Group introduced QR codes for S-Pure products to facilitate backward traceability checks for both domestic and international customers, ensuring consumer confidence in the quality and safety of food products produced by Betagro Group.

Geographic Information Technology

It serves as another tool that aids in resource management, enabling rapid and efficient tracking of spatial data changes, particularly the coordinates of every farm and monitoring disease outbreaks.

Research and Development

Being the focal point of research and development in the fields of biotechnology, animal husbandry, food, and the development of testing systems for foodborne pathogens, with a focus on the ability to inspect and control the quality and safety throughout the production process in the food supply chain. This is done to ensure consumer safety, enhance competitiveness in the business sector, and foster sustainable organizational growth.